About Us


I grew up in Poland in the eighties and nineties.  In Poland, at that time self expression was suppressed and often people would get arrested for being controversial.  My release from that was to embrace the "Polish Punk Subculture",  it allowed me the  enjoyment and freedom of expression,  we were seen as black sheep of society, we fought for freedom of expression through music, opposing government and rebelling. In late 90's i moved to New Zealand and in the last few years I have been expressing my thoughts on my custom made T-Shirts. My friends, work mates and passersby showed interest some laughed, some agreed, most loved them!

So... in 2012 in Auckland, New Zealand, Alternative Way was born !!!  

Alternative Way deals with concepts such as rebellion, anti-authoritarianism, individualism, free thought and discontent, for that reason most of our designs express socio-political messages. Select the T-Shirt with the design of your choice.(coming soon) and share the freedom of expression. 

Organic Ethical Sustainable

We support local economy and spread dissension in the process. With care given to quality and ecology we bring to you an Alternative Way to express yourself. We only use organic and ethically made t-shirts,manufactured solely using sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power. Please be part of our monthly "ONE MONTH - ONE CAUSE" campaign which support different charity each month by donating money from each sale.

    We support: Organic Fair Trade Practices, Ethical Manufacturing, Justice for Workers, no sweatshops, Strict Code of Labour Practices, Low Carbon Products, Low Water Impact, Low impact organic agriculture, Innovative product design, Renewable wind powered, Climate Neutral, Combats climate change, Organic certifified azo-free dyes, No artificial fertilisers, No petroleum-based chemicals, No carbon offsets

Speak your mind! be contentious! expose the truth!


Chris Pilipczuk a.k.a Pipa

Founder of Alternative Way