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Dow and Monsanto Court Ordered to Pay Fine to Agent Orange Victims

Posted on July 20, 2013 by Chris P aka Pipa

The Supreme Court of South Korea has for the first time declared that Monsanto and Dow must pay a fine for the damages caused by Agent Orange used in the Vietnam War, finally, after all this time.  The 39 plaintiffs should soon receive 466 million won ($415,000) from the two multinational chemical companies, both made infamous by being the two top producers of Agent Orange, one of the most notorious and deadly toxins in the world.

Sticking to their usual character, Monsanto claimed that the defoliant was perfectly safe and harmless at the time despite having known of the dangers and carcinogenicity of the unavoidable dioxin contained within for more than a decade prior to the war.

South Korea sent about 300,000 troops to the Vietnam war where the US was spraying Agent Orange in Operation Ranch hand, 16,000 of which sued Dow and Monsanto for the pain and suffering endured from the toxic exposure for approximately $4.4 billion in a smaller court in 1999 but they lost the suit.

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Agent Orange is known for it’s teratogenicity, it’s ability to cause birth defects and cause damage for many generations, not only are the original victims of these chemical companies’ poison suffering with numerous diseases and cancers but the legacy of pain has now reached the fourth generation of victims.  Millions have died or are suffering with cancer and other illnesses from this gene disrupting toxin around the world, both companies continue to deny responsibility for it and the US government continues to not acknowledge the results of its actions as well.

Dow Chemical responded to the lawsuit in disagreement to the results, claiming that there wasn’t sufficiently clear evidence that the damage was caused by Agent Orange, citing U.S. court rulings.

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Source: occupymonsanto360

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