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The Dark Side of the New Zealand Dairy Industry

Posted on April 15, 2013 by Chris P aka Pipa

Dairy is something that most of us consume daily without a second thought. It come branded, packaged, and marketed in such a way, that we often do not see milk for what it really is. When people think of dairy, they think of cows living happy lives out in grassy fields, enjoying life, just waiting to give their milk to us.

People see cows in lush green pastures and think that there's nothing wrong. Most people don't know that 80% of cows are made pregnant through painful artificial insemination, and that their calves are sold to be slaughtered for meat when they are only a few days old. NZ dairy cows also have increased risks of teat diseases like mastitis, which can make their udder as hard as a stone, and their milk becomes clotted and watery. In the wild cows can live to be 25 years old. But on New Zealand dairy farms they are slaughtered when they are only 5-7 years old. Dairy cows are treated as nothing more then economic commodities, nothing more than property. Read How does drinking milk harm cows?

Cows have distinct personalities and can remember things for a long time.These social animals interact in complex ways, developing friendships over time and hold grudges against both cows, and humans who treat them badly. Read Cows: More intelligent than you think!

Dairy and other animal products are not needed to be healthy, in fact they are detrimental to human health.  Because we don't need animal products to survive, it is immoral to eat them simply because we like how they taste.Read Is milk as healthy as you think?

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Article Source: NZDiary.webs.com

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